The first artificial intelligence driven ETF for block-chain assets

Kairos is the first of its kind Artificial intelligence Crypto Asset management fund. It is a block-chain exchange Traded Fund ( ETF) that is managed with Artificial intelligence from end to end. The objective of Kairos is to make more informed investments decisions and take better calculated risk while investing in the volatile crypto markets. This is achieved by the use of a well sophisticated A.I agent also called: Kairos.

It is predictive by nature, and analyzes mass data sets with incredible speed and accuracy. Kairos A.I manages the Kairos Fund by optimizing and harnessing the vast investment potentials available in the crypto markets.

The Kairos Fund ultimately utilizes the power of Artificial intelligence and the integrity of the blockchain to effectively manage crypto assets with the aim of increasing the Net Asset Value (NAV) of each token. Learn More

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